Ingenuity in Action

Yes, this is already on the "Video Vault" page, but I'm getting the impression that very few of the visitors to this site have ever navigated to that page and played the Quicktime movie. Too bad, since it's a real time machine experience. To help spread this history lesson around, I've chosen to embed it here as a flash file from You Tube. It should work fine if you have Flash player, and some bandwidth. If you still don't have the player, you can get it here. If you dig hot rods and drag racing you will surely enjoy this historical look back to the 1959 NHRA Nationals.

This film was originally commissioned by the NHRA to promote the legitimacy of the still evolving sport of drag racing. Haile Chace & Sid Davis wrote & directed the film, and since Sid Davis spent a lot of time making educational & etiquette films for schools, it has a certain "instructional" feel to it along with the 1950's era dialogue. No big surprise.

What is a surprise is that this film is in the public domain and still exists today in reasonably good condition. It does looks better as a Quicktime file, but this is a pretty good way to view it (albeit in three parts for some reason). I suspect more of you can look at it with these You Tube links than might have previously been able to. If you've been around a while, you might see somebody you are familiar with immortalized in this bit of celluloid, so enjoy...