1967 NHRA Springnationals

Yeah, no doubt about it, the Memphis Rodders invaded Bristol TN in the spring of 1967 with a determined purpose in mind. By the time the smoke had cleared, the Rodders had claimed several class victories, and the Tennessee Bo Weevil had snagged the Super Eliminator trophy.

However, since I wasn't there, I can't help but look at these photos without asking questions about who it is I'm looking at. I've poured through all the articles about the race that are in my stash of moth eaten magazines, and they pretty well confirm that the Memphis Rodders left their mark at the Springnationals. But the faces need to associated with the moldy statistics. Furthermore, a complete rundown of what the Rodders accomplished at this race would be a good thing for the sake of accurate history.

So that will be a goal for future content on this site. I'd like to chronicle the exploits of the Rodders in "Thunder Valley" for the sake of posterity. I'll need some help though. I know that at least a few of you occasionally look at this site who have the inside scoop on the spring of 1967, so consider passing some of that information along via e-mail or a blog comment and shed some light on what happened for those of us who are curious. I'll make another more detailed entry later with more of the story. For now, enjoy the preview of these soon to be archived photos that Larry Nolan made almost 41 years ago.